Nicholas Lim
Co-founder & Lead Editor

Nicholas Lim is the co-founder and lead editor of Cogito. His bachelor’s thesis was on the hierarchy problem and supersymmetry, and he hopes to pursue a Ph.D in the near future.

Benjamin Wong
Co-founder & Business Development
BSc. (Econs), Singapore Management University
Benjamin Wong is the co-founder of Cogito. His research interests lie in behavioural economics, tort law and industrial organisation. He sees a need for polymathic thinking today which will radically change how we advance as a society.


Esmond Soh
Editor & Contributor
M.A. (History) Candidate, Nanyang Technological University
B.A. (History) (Hons), Nanyang Technological University
Esmond Soh is a contributor and writer of Cogito. His research interests lie in how Chinese religious institutes cope with the vicissitudes of modernity and its related cultural flows.

Eugene Ho
Editor & Contributor
B.A. (Philosophy), National University of Singapore
Eugene Ho is an undergraduate philosophy major studying at NUS. His interest in philosophy was inspired by the theodicy, but he has recently also developed an interest in metaphysical questions regarding time, change, and modality. He hopes to pursue academia in the future.

Nicholas Lua
Editor & Contributor
B.A. (History), Yale-NUS College
Nicholas Lua recently graduated from Yale-NUS College. A History major, Nicholas is interested in ancient Southeast Asia and the Sanskrit cosmopolis. He has been inspired by ideas from across the Liberal Arts and Sciences, Literature and Philosophy in particular.

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